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Personalized customer interactions, based on broad and complex data set, to set communication strategies that engage the customer for optimal results.

Fast and Flexible

End-To-End Debt / Collections Risk Intervention

Engage Customers in the Channel of Their Choice

To engage customers in their preferred channel–mobile applications, voice, SMS, web or email.

  • Customer Service Hotline
  • Telesales & Collection
  • Direct Marketing
  • Target Segment Marketing


Facilities and Operations

IRMA provides build, host and operate (turnkey) facilities setup services for customer service and telemarketing services.



IRMA providing Fast, Reliable and Regulatory Compliance complex call centre and data-centre solutioning.


IT Expertise

Enterprise-Wide IT outsourcing, on-and-off-premise.


Corporate Service Applications

IRMA own customized applications, such as those for agent incentives, human resource administration applications.


Agent Training Facilities and Recruitment

IRMA facilities comes fully equipped training facilities.


Loyalty Program or Reward Program Hosting

IRMA helps its customer design, build and manage Loyalty / Rewards Program through its data centre.
Fast, Reliable and Compliance.



IRMA provides marketing outsourcing to companies who wished to focus on its core business activities, and at the same time, increases its revenue through affinity marketing.


Affinity Marketing Outsourcing

IRMA provides marketing resources outsourcing to help find complementing partners for your businesses. IRMA owns large customer database through its market acquistion activities. Combining advanced multi-channel communications with advance analytics, IRMA is able to provide multi-faceted advantages for matching the right product, right price, to the right customer at the right time, promoting a superior customer experience.


Campaign Outsourcing

IRMA not only generate new affinity business opportunities. but it also extend its services to build, manage and drive campaigns for its clientele. Through its substantial investment in facilities, combined with advanced analytics and communications distribution channel, IRMA provides fast, reliable, and proven campaign management services.


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